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Ayaan Khan, the 24-year-old charming personality on the big screen. He has done his graduation from Kashmir University Business School. Born with a courageous heart, finest acting skills, he believes in breaking stereotypes.

He is the Brand Ambassador of MCF.

The journey hasn’t been easy for him. He has gone through a lot of obstacles of conservative mentality, pulled down but has never given up. He was trolled on social media and criticized by a radicalized society of Kashmir but no one could stop him from pursuing his dreams.

Struggles,  the political condition of the state and the criticizing nature of people was the major pullbacks. Getting fame at a very young age is not easy. He said, “I keep my heart on sleeves. Pouring my happiness into the void I carry because then only I will vibrate resonance”.

Awards, He has been awarded the title of ‘Fresh Face of the Year’, 'the Youngest Philanthropist' and ‘Rising Star of the Year’ by Misty Cine Films. Ayaan Khan has also been featured in the America Daily Post and has been on the cover of ‘The Respect Magazine’.




The Kashmiri born Youngest Philanthropist and upcoming Bollywood Star is the only one who assisted 1000 poor BPL poor families alone amid this deadly COVID-19 pandemic. He distributed free 1000 Ration Kits, 10K Masks, sanitizers and PPE among frontline warriors. His contribution towards COVID-19 awareness and social distancing is much Appreciable.

Ayaan Khan was Criticized by the radicalized society of Kashmir. However no criticism could stop Khan from turning his dreams into reality. When people tried to bring down this star, he was already shining bright.” He added that Khan was “trolled on the social media by a folk of sarcastic society, however this upcoming super star is shining globally. “Ayaan Khan is now breaking the boundaries by getting featured Internationally”

“Getting featured internationally is not everybody’s cup of tea. This is happening for the first time in the history of Kashmir that a Kashmiri has made it globally. The banners of this Kashmiri who is getting famous internationally were attacked in Srinagar City recently. “

“ This upcoming Star has made it into Bollywood & soon will be seen on the silver screens. Fascinated by the fact of becoming an actor in the Bollywood industry he had to go through lot of obstacles, threats and had to face a lot of surmised people but still never gave up on his passion for acting being passionate about acting.”
The statement also said that Ayaan Khan has an optimistic stand point of never giving up. 
“Though his struggle is real as belonging to Kashmir & dreaming to become an Actor is just like thinking of a blue sky in a cage but he did it. Thus proving to be a complete package of talent, skills. He’s transforming his name into a brand that will lead him on the golden path of success.”




Exclusive interview  Ayaan’s Khan’s first ever Exclusive Interview Follow Your Passion, Actor Ayaan Khan Tells Youth.


The Youngest Philanthropist, Youth Icon and upcoming Bollywood Star Ayaan Khan who hails from Kashmir. He recently became the first person from the Valley to have featured in the world’s most Powerful magazine 'Forbes India'. 



Education  Ayaan Khan went to Green Valley Educational Institute and graduated from Kashmir University Business School. He dreamt of becoming a Bollywood actor and despite facing several challenges, he never gave up his passion for acting. "My passion drove me towards acting and I went to Mumbai and pursued acting courses from there. It was tremendous and hectic, but I had my family's support," Khan said.


On being featured in a leading magazine he said, "I have a passion for serving poor people and I'm overwhelmed. Forbes, America Daily Post recognised me and gave me the title of 'The youngest philanthropist'. This is the first time in Kashmir that someone has been featured in Forbes magazine and it's a big thing. I'm proud of being a Kashmiri and I want to make Kashmir proud and my Country Proud


He said he wants to get launched in Bollywood and do something for Kashmir.

"Kashmir is always in my heart and I want to make Kashmir and my India proud," he said.


The actor was inspired by megastar Shahrukh Khan and decided to join the film industry.

He said that he bagged several projects, but they were postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the actor is soon expected to be seen on the silver screen.


"I'm about to get launched in Bollywood. I have two projects that will be launched by Misty Cine Films, which is a leading film production company in Mumbai. It is Romantic thriller film and there will be a Romantic music video and we are going to tie that up with T-series or Zee music," he said.


"My inspiration is Shah Rukh sir since childhood have grown up watching and admiring him .I haven't met him in person yet but I got a lot of chances to meet him, and got opportunities in Mumbai to meet a lot of directors, and I was also approached by leading directors," added Ayaan.


He said that the government is supporting the youth and they are ensuring that youth come out of this disturbance.


"I have grown up watching strikes and curfews, but yes, youth should come out and join the mainstream and endorse the thinking of the government. My message to youth is "Do what you wish to do; don't think about what others think of you and follow your passion," said Ayaan.


He continues to dream of making it big in the entertainment industry and inspire the youth who also want to join the industry. He also wants to start his film shootings in Kashmir to boost the local businesses and generate employment.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, the actor had helped people by distributing free Ration Kits, Masks Sanitizers and other safety items among the public. (ANI)





1: Ayaan Khan has been recently honoured as the youth icon of J&K by honourable Lieutenant Governor of J&K Shri Manoj Sinha.


2: Ayaan Khan has also been honoured with the title of youngest philanthropist for supporting and assisting 1000 number of COVID-19 affected families last year and starting door to door COVID-19 relief drive . Ayaan Khan has been featured by the worlds top newspapers and magazines which includes Forbes india magazine .


3: After the titles like the Youngest Philanthropist, The Youth Icon of J&K now the Bollywood Actor/Singer Ayaan Khan has been again honoured as "the Shining Star of J&K" by the Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor of J&K UT Shri Manoj Sinha at the historic Emerging Kashmir Conclave for Ayaan Khan’s massive and imperative contribution towards reviving Bollywood in Jammu and Kashmir and inspiring youths of J&K to work in mainstream lines.

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